About Us

The Natural Gift Company was founded in 2017 but the ideas for it actually started about 10 years ago! It is the sister company to Green Tulip, a specialist ethical gifts retailer that we started back in 2007. We created our first gift sets as part of the Green Tulip range as early as 2009, including a couple of the brands we still sell today - Green Tulip candles, and Pukka Tea.

Then as the business got busier we focused on growing the website, and our shop The Inner Yard. However I always knew that there was an opportunity to create a range of ready made gift sets from the beautiful products that we sell, giving our customers an easy gift option and a natural alternative to the overpackaged alternatives that you see on the high street.

It was 2014 before the gift sets made it to the top of the 'to-do list' and we launched our first boxed gift sets in July of that year in four 'themes' - Relaxing, UpliftingRose and Lavender. Although they sold OK that first year it was Christmas 2015 when we saw a huge uplift in sales - there were certainly a lot of Green Tulip gift boxes under Christmas trees that year - and we spent many late nights scrunching tissue and tying bows! It was then we knew we were really offering customers something they couldn't find elsewhere and thought it was time we added to the range.

2016 saw the introduction of our Ultimate gift sets including our most popular gift box - the 'Mum's Survival Box' which has products for both relaxing and uplifting - perfect for multi-tasking mums and 'mum-to-be's! Then in 2017 when we started developing the range further it seemed about time we gave our lovely gift boxes their own brand - and their own home - and The Natural Gift Company was born! 

Under The Natural Gift Company brand the range has now grown to include gift baskets and a wide range of gift boxes for all occasions. They are ideal for birthday and Christmas presents but we also have the perfect gift to celebrate cute new arrivals, pick someone up when they are down, help them surive a challenging time, or simply send them a little treat. 

However despite growing the range we still have the same ethos behind all of our gift sets: bringing together a selection of the best natural products made by small producers from around the UK and packaging them in a beautiful gift set ready for giving. We'll even add a personalised sticker for you, or write a gift message so the gift can be sent directly to the recipient. 

Having a bespoke website for our gift boxes has allowed us to add a few new features too - the 'Create Your Own' set which allows you to choose exactly the products you think would be perfect for the recipient that we'll pack up for you in the colours you have selected. How much more 'personalised' can you get than that?! And we've also included all of the individual products for you to buy singly just in case you can't resist a little treat for yourself (like some Chocolate & Love organic dark chocolate or a bottle of Bramley's decadent bath soak).

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that we can help take a little stress out of the challenge of finding the perfect gift.