Ocean Lover Natural Gift Set

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This Ocean Lover gift box contains a selection of high-quality sustainable products with an ocean-related theme. It makes a great gift for someone who is passionate about reducing the tonnes of pollution which ends up in our beautiful oceans every day harming marine life. The contents of this gift set consist of a selection of organic and natural products that are plastic-free and have been thoughtfully chosen for greener gifting.

Ready for giving nestled in thick, shredded, 100% recycled kraft paper and presented in a recyclable kraft card gift box. Each gift set includes a gift card with your own personal message printed on the back - just remember to add your message in the box provided before you add the item to your basket. All messages are restricted to 70 characters in length (including blank spaces) due to the limited amount of room available on the sticker. If you'd prefer to write a message yourself just leave the gift message box empty and we will include a blank gift card inside for you to use.

Box measures approximately 23cm wide x 23.5cm long x 6.5cm high.

Set comprises of:

How to Save the World for Free by Natalie Fee - This upbeat and engaging hard back book is a life-altering guide to making those changes that will contribute to helping our planet. Covering all key areas of our lives from food and leisure to travel and sex, this book will help you to think and live differently. You will feel better, live better and ultimately breathe better in the knowledge that every small change contributes towards saving our world.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag - Handy drawstring bag designed for use on grocery trips and great for keeping produce well organised in the fridge. The mesh design has the added bonus of being able to see the contents without the need to open and look inside! Ideal for smaller items like garlic, ginger, mushrooms and tomatoes. 18 x 22cm.

Organic Cotton Produce Bag - Handy drawstring bag designed for taking on grocery trips and great for keeping produce well organised in the fridge. Ideal for smaller items like garlic, ginger, mushrooms and tomatoes. 18 x 22cm.

Kind Bag - Koi Fish - Koi fish print eco shopping bag is made from a premium quality, silky soft material produced from six used plastic bottles destined for our oceans. Folds neatly into pouch measuring 14cm x 12cm.

Love Cocoa Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate - This 70% cacao dark chocolate bar is made with single origin dark chocolate from Peru, and is blended with crunchy Maldon salt flakes hand harvested in Essex. Hand made in Great Britain by Love Cocoa, a company owned by the great-great-great grandchild of John Cadbury. Presented in a letterbox sized card box so perfect for posting as a gift. 100% recyclable packaging including compostable inner wrapper. 75g.

Reusable Bamboo straws x 2 - Help eliminate the millions of used plastic straws washed into the ocean with these handy reusable straws made from sustainable, organically grown bamboo. Wash before use. 20cm long.

Bamboo Spork - A handy little utensil is a cross between a fork and a spoon - in a mini size perfect for travelling! Keep in your bag or at work for impromptu occasions.

Please note: Most of the items in our gift sets are made by small independent producers. Very occasionally, due to stock availability, it might be necessary to replace one of the items in a gift set with an equivalent item (that is just as lovely)!


The Natural Gift Set Company is a subsidiary of Green Tulip Ltd and is based in the middle of beautiful countryside in Wiltshire, UK.  Green Tulip also focus on supplying many other stylish, ethical gifts to the UK and European retail market to give consumers the chance to purchase beautiful and contemporary gifts which are produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment.